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Deep Tissue, Sports & Relaxation Massage



A caring, nurturing gift for all occasions.

$65 x 1 Hour
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NEW! $90 x 1.5 Hour
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The Body Back Buddy massages muscles and allows you to find trigger points (sore spots in muscle tissue) for release with the 11 therapy knobs.


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Massage designed to meet your individual requirements, whether you are looking for a treatment to release tight muscles from sports training or would like to chill out with relaxation massage.

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11a Simmonds Grove, Greerton, Tauranga, 3112

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Please park on the road and walk up the driveway to the right of the house. Signs will direct you up the stairs to the front house. 


1/2 hour massage $35

1 hour massage $65

1.5 hours massage $90

These prices are a guideline and any length massage is available on request.

Every 5th massage is free!(conditions apply)

$10 discount for referrals 

Student and OAP discount available

Please see the Bio & Ethos page for more details on the discounts. 

Release Tension Headaches and Tight Shoulders

A common area I treat is the back, shoulders and neck, which if tight and restricted by knotty muscle tissue, can cause headaches for some people.  I have great success in massaging and releasing tight muscles in this area, allowing clients to enjoy more freedom in their body.  You will discover with regular massage you can maintain a much softer, more comfortable body and reduce headaches and neck pain. 

After your massage, I can provide you with stretches, which will help keep your body at ease and allow you to maintain a more relaxed body.


Relieve Stress & Tension

You Deserve To Have...

Energy, Vitality, Strength, Movement  




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